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Premium lingerie and nightwear

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"Discover unbeatable deals on stylish bras with PrettyCat's Discount Bra Offers. Elevate your lingerie collection without breaking the bank. Explore a wide range of designs and sizes to find the perfect fit for your comfort and style."

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Premium lingerie and nightwear

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"Experience confidence and comfort with PrettyCat's Lingerie Collection. Uncover your perfect fit with our exquisite range of lingerie, designed to embrace your unique beauty and style. Elevate your daily wear with quality and sophistication."

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Top Lingerie Brand in India

Prettycat was founded in 2015 with the vision of We Believe in giving Maximum Expression of “Women’s Femininity” With dramatic cuts & fits For day & night. The brand continues to grow and innovate, bringing women a wide selection of comfortable women’s lingerie. With the vision to offer every woman the confidence, comfort and choice she deserves, we constantly strive to give you the best. Today, we are a one-stop destination where women can find just about anything regarding lingerie. We have partnered with some of India's best lingerie brands to bring you a wide selection of modern and comfortable lingerie for every woman. We’ll always remain inclusive and create products for every body type and age. We always put women first and continue to innovate and design products with the finest quality, keeping in mind all types of shapes and sizes 


Say goodbye to bra woes and pick from stylish, comfortable bras on Prettycat. Our wide collection of bras is made with high-quality fabrics that are soft, breathable, and stretchable. Choose from our collection of exquisite and trendy bras to find your perfect fit and style. Pick from various colors, styles, designs, and sizes for every occasion. Our bras are designed for maximum support, comfort, and protection. Our collection of bras includes sports bras, t-shirt bras, support bras, wired bras, non-wired bras, maternity bras, strapless bras, padded, non-padded, bralettes, seamless bras, and more. Made with soft, breathable, and stretchable fabric, women can now buy the perfect bras online in full coverage, lace, and double-layered options for every occasion and outfit. So, whether you’re looking for a bra to restrict spillage or to hide that extra flab, Prettycat has the best bras for you! Here are the different types of bras available on Prettycat.

T-shirt -T-shirt bra is a bra you can wear under fitted T-shirts or any clothes when you’d rather have a smooth look. They can either be moulded (which means they’re seam-free) or they might have barely-there seams to give a smooth line under your clothes. T-shirt bras are usually simple in terms of style without lace or embroidery on the cups, as this means they won’t show through your top. These bras are available in various styles like padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, double layered, and full coverage options. Available in many patterns, colors, fabrics, fits, sizes, and styles, you can pick the right t-shirt bra to suit your body!

Wired Bras -An underwired bra is a bra which has wired lining under the bust. These wires are gives the bra a defined shape and also helps support the breast from underneath. The wires could be of metal or any synthetic material that gives the bra a structured support. One should always look for absolute perfect fit when buying underwired bra. Prettycat wired bra are super comfortable and soft.

Padded Bras - When you think padded bra you may think of a push-up. But not all padded bras are designed to push and lift your bust for a dramatic effect. Some are much more subtle for everyday comfort. Padded bras can either have extra padding sewn into the material or it can sometimes be removable. You are spoilt for choice. It's tough to choose our favourite padded bras as there are so many styles. Push up padded bras, plunge padded bras, balcony padded bras. The padding can be made from various materials, including foam, gel, or fiberfill, and it is strategically placed in the cups to create a lifted, rounded appearance.Here are some of our most loved padded bra ranges for you to.

Cambi Bras- Camisole bras or cami bras are usually full-length or slightly longer than the usual bras and have a fabric covering the cleavage. A soft cami bra top is a seamless, wire-free bra that can be worn as a bra or a top. cami bra top is comfortable, versatile, and ultra-stretch material.

Push-up Bras - Push up bra is designed to lift the breasts up and enhance your cleavage. With closely fitted wires and comfortable padding, push-up bras lift the bust upward and towards the center of the chest. You choose from PrettyCat beautiful prints, patterns, and vibrant colors to style your outfits and give your breasts a sexy and well-shaped look.

Sports Bra - Sports bras are bras that are designed for exercise. They provide extra support, minimize breast movement and handle moisture well. Sports bras are also made from comfortable materials like moisture-wicking microfiber and terry linings, which handle sweat better than popular bra materials like nylon and satin. PrettyCat collection of sports bras includes racerback bras, Front zipper bras, padded bras, teenage sports bras, and more. Depending on your activity level, you can choose from low- intensity to medium-intensity and high-intensity bras.

Maternity Bras - PrettyCat maternity bras are designed for women who are expecting. They offer more support for your growing breasts. The straps are also more padded and comfortable to ease the pain you may experience while your body changes. The cups are also more pliable, changing to fit your body as your pregnancy progresses. Choose from various maternity bras in various patterns, fits, and styles.

Support Bras- Designed for women with large or heavy breasts, our support bras offer full coverage and protection. The full cups completely cover the breasts and keep them in place. Pick from padded and wired options for extra comfort and support.

Strapless Bra - Stylish yet invisible, the strapless bra gives you all the support of a regular bra without the shoulder straps. This makes the strapless bra perfect for when you want to wear an off-shoulder or halter-neck style outfit. strapless bra can come with detachable straps that can make it a multiway bra. PrettyCat multiway bra is one of the most versatile bras types in lingerie. PrettyCat strapless straps can be worn: Strapless, Single Strap, Halter-Neck, Cross-Back.

Bralettes - Bralette bra a soft bra with no wires or cups and often with thin, removable pads. A beautiful bralette to wear as both an undergarment or a crop top if you're really trying to up the ante on your going out looks or headed to a music festival & party. PrettyCat bralette crafted with pretty exotic laces and designed in sexy styles.

Minimiser bras - Minimizer bras work to minimize your bust size. This type of bra helps your breasts appear smaller while still flattering the natural shape of your breast and body. In prettycat bra collection also includes minimiser bras that are designed for women with large or heavy breasts. Check our minimiser bras in various sizes, colors, and patterns for a comfortable, reduced look.

Online Shopping For Women’s Clothing & Lingerie

The women's lingerie collection of Prettycat never fails to impress. You can find lingerie designed for all types of shapes and sizes. On Prettycat , you can easily shop for all types of lingerie from the comfort of your home. Choose from bras, panties, plus-size lingerie, maternity wear, sleepwear, lingerie sets, activewear, shapewear, and more. Pick from wired, non-wired, padded, non-padded, t-shirt bras, bralettes, push-up bras, cami bras, full coverage bras, and more. You can never run out of options with the variety of online options. All our lingerie is available in vibrant colors, patterns, styles, and fits, giving you plenty of options. So, whether you’re looking for high-quality, comfortable regular, or plus size lingerie online, check out Prettycat and avail yourself of the best deals and discounts. 


A panty is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It allows you to stay comfortable while giving your outfits good shape. We have a wide range of beautiful panty designs available to fit all shapes and sizes. Available in styles, colors, and fits, you can find the perfect panty to panty to pair with all your outfits. If you’re looking for comfortable panties, here are the different types available on Prettycat. 


PrettyCat nightwear give you a luxurious feel and an exotic look, we take great care and effort to design our nightwear collection. Sleep like a baby in these styles, you are certain to wake up with a glow! Made with finest, softest modal and satin fabrics these styles also boast of intricate lace detailing. Shop our ultra-soft range of sleepwear collection versatile for bedtime and everything else in between. you are sure to wake up feeling refreshed! Shop the exciting range of nightwear at PrettyCat online store. 

Types of Women’s Panties Available At Prettycat

At Prettycat, we offer a wide range of panties that women can pick according to their comfort, size, style, and fit. Available in different fabrics, these panties are designed keeping comfort in mind. Here are the different types of panties you can check out on our website.

Hipster Panties - Hipster panties can also be used as everyday wear as it has wider sides and low-cut leg holes that provide absolute comfort and support to the user. The main reason to choose hipster panties is coverage. They are mostly full coverage and perfect for tight, body-hugging outfits. They are mostly preferred by women who choose comfort over style. They are perfect for long meetings, sunny outdoor trips, a fun day with your family, or any other day when you want to feel completely relaxed and enjoy it thoroughly. They come in different patterns and prints that suit your moods.

Boyshorts - Boyshorts are a great alternative to bikini panties. They provide full coverage with a longer cut at the legs that allow it to stay in place and give an idea fit under every kind of bottoms. Boyshorts making them an accessible option to wear under short skirts or clothes that might be revealing. From a fashion point of view, boyshorts look exceptionally stunning, even when paired with a matching bralette.

Bikini Panties - We all know that bikini panties are a wardrobe must-have. Our bikini panties are low rise and offer moderate coverage; they can be worn under a dress, skirt or even under your favorite pair of jeans. The wide range of bikini panties are available in cotton, lace and microfiber fabrics. Fun colours, prints, patterns, pretty charms, make our bikini panties perfect for every day wear.

Thongs -Thongs are low-rise and cover less than half of the rear area. It is the perfect lingerie to wear with those outfits where otherwise. They are T-shaped at the back with no fabric coverage and are generally low waist with high leg-cuts. Made of softest of fabrics, Never again will you have to sacrifice your glam quotient to feel ever-comfortable.

Seamless Panties - Seamless panty does not have any visible seams. Hence, they go perfectly with everyday dress as well as any type of tight clothing such as leggings or trousers. lightweight, microfibre fabric of the panty makes it perfect for those hot, sweltering summer days.

Maternity Panties - Maternity panties are designed to give women extra comfort and care while pregnant. These panties are designed to provide extra support and comfort during these crucial months of your life. Made with soft, breathable, and stretchable fabric, choose from our wide range of maternity panties in various designs, styles, colors, and fits. Designed in comfortable high-waist designs that ensure no pressure on the tummy. These panties also come with antimicrobial features offering hygiene during pregnancy

Shaper Panties - Shaping panties, also known as tummy tucker or control panties, are intimate wear designed to provide a slimming and shaping effect on the midsection. They specifically target the abdomen, waist, and hips, helping to create a smoother and more toned appearance. You can pick from various shaper panties online on Prettycat. Perfect for body-hugging outfits, they are ideal for jeans, bodycon dresses, and skirts.

Period Panties - Period underwear is designed like conventional underwear but it is made up of highly absorbent fabrics to soak up . They are designed to replace tampons and pads or can be worn with them for extra protection. We offer a wide selection of period panties designed in various styles and fabrics for a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Full Coverage Panties - Full-coverage panties are usually designed with a high waistband and sit perfectly on your waistline to give you the perfect shape. They help to hide extra flab and eliminate bulges or love handles. They are an excellent choice for high-rise trousers, jeans, and skirts. Full-coverage panties are available in hipsters, tummy tuckers, and bikini styles. Choose from various fabrics, colors, and prints to pair with your favorite outfits.


Body shaper for women are designed to flatter your figure and visually make you look slimmer. With compression panels that smoothen out the bulges on the tummy, thigh, and hip areas, these shapewear styles give you the perfect contoured shape. You can find a wide collection of shapewear like tummy tuckers, high compression shapewear, thigh shapers, saree shapewear, bodysuits, and more. Our shapewear is soft, breathable, stretchable, and lightweight, making it suitable and comfortable for long hours.

Why Choose Prettycat As Your Lingerie Brand?

Prettycat is your one-stop destination for high-quality lingerie online. On Prettycat, we have a wide selection of comfortable lingerie like bras, panties, nightwear, activewear, and maternity wear designed for all shapes and sizes. You can pick from fabulous prints in floral, stripes, abstract designs, and more. Choose from padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired, push-up bras, strapless bras, bralettes, lace bras, and strapless bras. When it comes to panties, you can choose from cotton and hipster pants to bikinis and thongs to stay comfortable throughout. From nightwear and shapewear to activewear and lingerie sets, you can find the perfect lingerie online for every occasion. Choose Prettycat if you're looking for comfortable and long-lasting, high-quality lingerie. With so many different lingerie types available for women, you can never run out of options. We've partnered with some of the best lingerie brands in India to bring to you the most fashionable and modern designs to flaunt your style in the best way possible! 


It's time to work it out in style with women's activewear range from PrettyCat. Whether you want something for low-impact yoga sessions or vigorous gym sessions, our ultra supportive women's sportswear has got you covered. From sports bras & T-shirts to tights & shorts, there are a plethora of women's activewear picks to choose from in trendy styles, colours and patterns.